Our Services

We offer a wide range of industrial supplies. Some of the product and services we offer are mentioned below.

– Food and Beverage industry – machinery, equipment, spares and consumables

– Chemical and pharmaceutical industry – machinery, equipment and spares

– Oenology(Wine Industry) – machinery, equipment and spares

– Bottling and packaging-machines and spares

– Waste water purification equipment and spares

– Technical assistance

– Stainless steel accessories

– Chemical additives for the food, beverage and canning industry

– Chemical products for water treatment

– Hardware, construction and power tools supplies

– Head-to-toe occupational/Industrial personal protective equipment(PPEs)

– Industrial lubricants

– Supply of food grade hydrated lime

– Electrical, electronic, Instrumentation supplies and spares

– Pneumatics and spares supply

– Mining industry-machines, equipment and spares

– General Supplies and Services

– Sibilia Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

-Water treatment, waste water treatment, filtration and purification

-Chemicals: calcium chloride, aluminum salts, natural polymers, cellulose polymers and Alganite;

-Supply of Water pumps, Submassible effluent pumps, submersible water pumps and deep week HT pumps, effluent and clean water pipes and accessories, control valves and flow-meters

Valves and actuators
ball bearing
ball mill parts
safety products
safety products
safety products